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padideh padideh carpet This unique textured rug by Belgium's newest product line, which currently has the highest density and comb rug is on the market. Products Carpet phenomenon in the designs are beautiful and varied traditional and color-date and fit any taste of the 10-color heat set to provide the fibers used in 100% Cotton Merino Turkish M is higher than that of beauty and strength. The company has 700 looms shoulder - HCPx2 Vndvyl (Vande Wiele) capable of weaving in Belgium (compaction 3000-10 in color) is the traditional Iranian designs.
Benefits of such textures:
  • No Overall Pile Carpet and Allergy Anti blemish
  • the Anti slip carpet in the back due to
  • the use of special leather
  • high melting temperature to 275 degrees
  • antibacterial and antistatic (anti-static)

Zerif Zerif carpets Persian carpets, silk carpets as a fusion of art and technology is originality. So that one can hardly tell the difference from hand-woven silk carpets. 100 % a washable rugs are made of 100% polyester shiny Nhaalyaf (Rayon) is. Silk carpets date back the carpet in front of us due to the ceramic slip-resistant and does not need brakes carpet. These benefits Carpet Nearest Carpet 100% of Overall Pile Carpet Light color stability and resistance to abrasion Prevention of respiratory allergy patients Unmatched softness and luster of brittle fibers and the Ability to transport carpets and comfortable even during the wash.
These benefits Carpet
  • Nearest Carpet Carpet
  • 100 % of Overall Pile Carpet
  • Light color stability
  • resistance to abrasion
  • Prevention of respiratory allergy patients
  • Unmatched softness
  • luster of brittle fibers
  • Ability to transport carpets
  • comfortable even during the wash
Violet Another phenomenon of the desert sky star These benefits Carpet
These benefits Carpet
  • A shoulder 420
  • 2100 Picks
  • 8 colors
  • Cape fabric (polyester matte or glossy )

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